Museum of the history of photography

The museum was founded in Saint-Persburg 18-08-2003. The foundation was initiated by individuals as well as a public institutions.The main difference between this museum and other Russian photography museums is the universality of the collection. Our overal goal is to highlight all of the faces of the phenomenon of world photography during the period of it's existance. However, our priority is the exibition of the photos as our artefacts supported by research and curatorial work with images.

Artists represented in that museum

Fine-arts in that museum

  • Medziblockiy Rossieni
  • Konanov Porhov
  • Gramm Sumi
  • Leibovskiy Nizniy Novgorod
  • Galperin Rovno
  • Elengorn Tver
  • Blyumin Vitebsk
  • Tarasov Kozlov