State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Was founded in the year 1895 on the 13th of April, under Nicholas II in honor of his father, Alexander III. The first collection it exhibited were those from the Hermitage Museum as well as the Alexander Palace plus the Imperial Academy of Arts. Its main building, Mikhailovsky Palace was constructed between the years 1819 and 1825 depicting a Neo-Classical architectural design. It was constructed to be the residence of the Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich. As the museum’s collection grew and the desire to exhibit more works of art both on a permanent and temporary basis, the museum included other historical buildings as venues for its exhibits. The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia used to be known as the Russian Museum of His Imperial Majesty Alexander III.

Artists represented in that museum

Fine-arts in that museum

  • Head of a peasant
  • Battle in the Heavens
  • Dinner
  • Black square
  • Woman with a Rake
  • Jew in Red
  • A Stroll
  • A material Painting (Still life with a white Jug)