About Us

We are the young team inspired by the art power. We are gathering a collection of high quality art images from galleries, museums and private collections from all over the world. Our collection we’ve started to gather from Russian museums. Not everybody knows how many perfect works of talented and famous artists are hidden in here. After getting all that, we continue to enlarge our collection by fine art from private galleries and world’s famous museums. Number of works available for license purchase is growing every day.

Our main idea is to create a web gallery that enables people to find, explore, share and have an opportunity to use fine art . We don’t want to make any single masterpiece to be forgotten. Here you can buy a license on your favorite fine art works for your purposes like in a photo bank. Part of the money we obtain we donate to local museums.

All works represented here are available for commercial and editorial usage by rights managed licenses.

We hope that people will share our passion and will enjoy our project like we do. We are open to any ideas that can make this project better and bigger.

Our USA office:
347 5th Ave, Suite 1402-515
New York, NY 10016
Tel.: +1-646-291-8933

Development and sales departments in Russia
Leninsky pr., d. 140 A, office 472
St. Petersburg, 198216
Tel.: +7 812 372-2395, +7 812 372-2031

Our email: office@museumstock.com