How to order

Steps are easy. You should register in order we can contact you personally, then find an interesting image for you. Fill out the information abot purpose of use. We will get back to you by email and pricelist on ordered images. After that you can pay for the license through your personal account on our website, after the payment proceeded you can download an image from the website through your account. We also should notice that it will take some time to proceed your order.

About licenses

All licenses are Rights managed, that means the one time use of the photo as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other issues an additional license needs to be purchased. The price of the license depends on its use case, duration, territory and amount of impressions.

The purchase means automatically agreement with all the restrictions and terms of use.

Before buying any license we recommend you to learn all the terms and condition issues listed on our website.

Description of becoming a partner

After getting your register form for partner program, we need some time to check and verify it our manager will contact you by email or phone you get a confirmation letter from MuseumStock about becoming a partner

Why should I become a partner?

As a partner you can sign in MuseumStock.com and put to your cart all necessary images, fill out purposes of use for each image and press place order. After a while you will get an access to download up to 10 images from your cart. We will automatically notify you by email about appearing of download option in your cart. You also will get a mail from us with questions about exact purposes of use of each image from your cart in order to make you relevant invoice and price list. All your order with prices and downloadable images will be available for you during one month. After that time, you should remove images that you didn’t use from your cart and from all your data storages, and make payment for all the rest images from your cart. Every month you will get a downloadable access to 10 unpaid images.

Can I download images without being a partner?

Unfortunately, without knowing full information about your company and its verification, we can’t give you an access to high resolution image.

how to know the price?

It will be shown in your cart at your personal account as soon as you answer our mail about exact purposes of image usage.

How long is postponed payment?

According to the agreement it is not more than 1 month. You can notice us if you need more time. You can download high resolution image from your personal account during 1 month.

How to notice you that i didn’t finally use an image?

Manually by deleting (extracting) images from your personal account

How to record license options that I used?

Just answer to our letter about purposes of image use.

If you have additional questions.

Send us an email on Office@museumstock.com. We will be happy to answer and help you anytime!